Sterling Silver Dog Tags Embossing Instructions

How much will fit on my piece?
We have several machines and they press differently and have different limits:

dog tag formats
dog tag template
silver dog tag
Embossing machine
(letters press up from the bottom)
silver dog tag
silver dog tag
Debossing machine
(letters down from the top)

As long as you stay within the recommended character limits per line for the wwii de-embossing machine or the regular embossing machine , you may have any information imprinted on your tags.

Where do I tell you what I want embossed?
In the engraving section of the order form (you will see when you follow the steps of the shopping cart).

Where can I see the different styles available?
You can either look at our packaged sets, or you can build your own set.

How long does it take?
Embossing usually takes 2-3 business days. We rush embossing whenever possible. Then we will ship according to the shipping method stated on your order.

How much does it cost?
The price of the embossing is included in the price of the package of your choice (for packages where an embossed tag is shown in the picture). For the "Build your own" tags, the prices of embossing are specifically stated on the build your own set page.

How do I order?
You can click on the "add to cart" buttons corresponding with the dog tag of your choice. If the embossing is included in the package you have chosen, then there is no need to add the embossing to your cart below. If you are not buying a package with embossing included, add the embossing to your shopping cart below.

Then you can tell us your specific embossing instructions in the "engraving" box on our website. For engraving font, you can enter "embossing" so the form makes more sense. We sell 80,000 jewelry pieces and do tons of engraving

We will contact you via email if there is any question about embossing.

807-203-emb Please add embossing to my package, note change quantity to 2 for 2 tags $ 15.00
807-203-deb Please add debossing to my package, note change quantity to 2 for 2 tags $ 15.00

You can imprint just about any message on your tags!

We have provided some sample military formats and other general formats below. As long as you stay within the recommended character limits per line for the wwii de-embossing machine or the regular embossing machine , you may have any information imprinted on your tags.

Two of the most common WWII formats are provided in our Format Example. WWII was a hurried and chaotic time. Imprinted information was dictated by where and when the soldier entered the military, time constraints, available supplies, and the specific information requirements of the military unit in which the soldier served.

If you would like to modify any of these formats, please feel free to e-mail us your tag's format modifications or create your very own custom format. We are here to serve you.

Current Army Issue:

Current USMC Issue:
Current Navy Issue:
123456789USN O POS

A WWII Format:
Samuels, George A.
34650095 T43 44 A

Another WWII Format:
RA12345678 T42 A
427 Western AVE
White Plains NY C
Korea 1952 issue:
123456789 BT O POS
213 555 1234
DOB 3-15-75
NO Bactrim
Need Insulin
DR. J. Barnes
543 555-1234

Dash Riprock
AKA 'cool dude'
-YOU Rule-
JUNE 11, 1999

Abbreviations used above:
123-45-6789--Social Security Number
O POS or A--Blood Type
CATHOLIC or C--Religion
T43--Year of Tetanus Shot
RA12345678--Regular Army Service Number
L (found on USMC issue)--Gas Mask Size, L=Large DOB--Date of Birth
AKA--Also Known As


You may use your dog tags for virtually any type of message, promotion, award, team spirit, accessory or identification need. Here are some of the many different ways you can use personalized dog tags:

  • Youth Sports and Group Activity Tags

  • Stylish and Fun ID Jewelry for Children/Adults

  • TAGS FOR SPORTS, EVENTS, & ENTHUSIASTS (bikers,cyclists,skaters,joggers,rodeo,hikers,equestrians,scuba divers,and much more).

  • Pet and Breeder Tags

  • School and Team Tags

  • Medical and Medical Alert Tags

  • Fun and Friendship Tags

  • Sports and General Equipment Tags

  • Luggage Tags

  • Briefcase and Sports Bag Tags

  • Backpack Tags

  • Key Tags

  • Summer Camp and Organization Tags

  • Promotional and Business Giveaway Tags

  • Fundraising and Charitable Activities

  • Family and School Reunion Event Tags

  • Church Event or Activity Tags

  • Birthdays

  • Anniversaries

  • Awards

CHILDREN & ADULTS OF ALL AGES LOVE DOG TAGS... Dog tags make outstanding gifts for friends, loved ones, and cherished pets!!

PARENTS -- Protect your active children with basic lifesaving identification and important medical and contact information.

    Standard dog tag thicknesses are .016 inch, .027inch and .035 inch (thickest).

    In our opinion, our sterling silver dog tags are of the finest quality. We manufacture our tags and they are just GORGEOUS.
    These truly qualify as a "fine" item.

    We take great efforts from the beginning stages of the manufacturing process to treat these dog tags with the utmost care. The dog tags, with your personal engraved or embossed message, military chains with anti-tarnish finish and a protecting polising cloth
    are tucked carefully in a padded jewelry box and secured tightly for shipping.

    custom dog tags  
    Photo Dog Tags
    Military Dog Tag Chain

    We manufacture our sterling silver dog tags with a stunning anti tarnish finish.
    While silver purchased elsewhere will be tarnishing, Our dog tags will remain beautiful for years to come.
    These are fine quality Items. You will notice from the time you open
    the well packaged box that each dog tag is made with care.

    Customer Satisfaction    
    Return any unaltered item for any reason for a 100% refund less shipping. (must be unused and unaltered)

    Anti-tarnish Coatings
    Many of our items are manufactured with an anti-tarnish coating. This does NOT mean
    that the pieces will not tarnish. It will merely delay tarnish. All sterling silver
    WILL tarnish under specific conditions. We recommend polishing with a soft cloth or a
    gentle tarnish remover to control the tarnish.     Sterling Silver Care Tips

    Why do my sterling items tarnish quickly?
    Approx 5% of the population notice their silver will tarnish much sooner than others'.
    This is usually caused by the ph level in perspiration.     More info here

    A dog tag necklace is now a trendy fashion accessory, but it was never designed with fashion purposes in mind. The metal dog tag necklace was first introduced back in 1906 for the American military.

    Today, there are many variations on the original dog tag necklace with major fashion houses and jewelry manufacturers putting their on spin on this military inspired design. The DT1 Dog Tag is one of the more popular styles. Most choose to add a 3mm sterling silver dog tag bead chain.

    The original metal military dog tag necklaces were the size of a silver half dollar, they were stamped with the name, rank, company, regiment, or corps of the wearer. All those in the military were required to wear them whenever the field kit was on. The tags were worn on a chain or cord underneath the clothing.

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